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Name: Lerysakon (Some people call me Lery for short... feel free to do so as well XD)
Hobbies: Drawing; Writing Fanfics; Reading Fanfics (yes, I know, I seriously need to get a life... do you know where I could download one?)
My Awesome Friends here and in real life:
My Awesome and Talented cousin: :icondreyeth:
My DA friends: :iconavatarfangirl55::iconshariemaire12::iconpandora-soup::iconibuntamarui:

My Fanfiction account: --->…
I have been tagged by :iconclymacs:

It's basically to answer several questions made by her, make my own set of questions, then tag people to answer my questions. However, since I've already done this tag thing, I choose to just answer the questions without making another list.

1. What time is it on your clock/watch/whatever now? :3

:blackrose: My computer says 8:40 PM while my cellphone says it's 8:39 and my watch says it's 8:49. Take your pick. :XD:

2. What fandom/s are you currently in right now?

:blackrose: Right now there's kinda four: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Sky High. I AM TORN!!!

3. Why do you love the one/s you mentioned in #2?

:blackrose: I'll start with ATLA. Why do I love this? IT'S FRIGGING AWESOME!!! Actually, I just got back into the fandom because I watched leaks of the Legend of Korra. And it was AWESOMAZING!!! ZUTARA SHALL LIVE ON THROUGH MAKORRA!!! XDDDD

:blackrose: Sky High - Well, I just came across it on Disney Channel recently and it struck me: WHY THE HECK DID LAYLA END UP WITH WILL WHEN WARREN IS SO MUCH BETTER?!?! Okay, so it sorta started from that, then I proceeded to read fanfics about them and I got disappointed that there's so little of them so I tried to write fanfics about them and -- OHMYGAWD THEY MAKE A BETTER PAIRING DAMMIT!!! Err... yeah, I am only in the fandom due to the pairing.

:blackrose: As for Harry Potter, I've been rereading some of the stories I faved in my account and got back into the fandom. Why do I love it? It's FREAKING EPIC! Need I say more? The world that JKR came up with was truly genius and everyone should appreciate genius. I haven't exactly read the books so I wouldn't call myself a super-fan. Merely a fan who adores a non-canon HP pairing (Dramione! Woot!). LOL.

:blackrose: And then Percy Jackson! IT'S MY MAIN OBSESSION FOR QUITE A WHILE NOW! I've always been intrigued about Greek mythology and I'm so glad I gave the series a chance. I love the characters, especially Percy. He's a really interesting character. The mix of adventure, humor, and a bit of romance (PERCABETH FTW!) really kept my attention. There are lots of things I love about the series but I can't think of all of them at the current moment. All I'll add is I cannot wait for the Demigod Diaries and the Mark of Athena!

4. How did you discover/stumble upon it/them?

:blackrose: For ATLA, it really didn't interest me before but then there was this one time I couldn't find anything to watch so I flipped the channel to Nickelodeon and there! I didn't immediately like it. It actually took me three episodes (that I later found out were from different seasons… lol…) to eventually like it.

:blackrose: The superhero thing intrigued me so I watched it. Then, as I said earlier, I stumbled upon it on Disney Channel and... yeah, I'll stop myself now before I rant about my preference of Warren X Layla.

:blackrose: Harry Potter – well, it is a world-wide sensation so of course it caught my attention. I only really became enthused by it when I finally found an OTP there (Hahaha, it's kinda a personal requirement for me to find an OTP in each fandom I get into). The influence of friends also pulled me into it.

:blackrose: As for Percy Jackson. I already knew it by title but I didn't read it until 2nd term in first year of college. My friend was reading Son of Neptune and she kept on showing me really amusing lines from the book that it intrigued me. Thus, I borrowed the first book (The Lightning Thief) from her and got hooked!

5. Do you watch Ancient Aliens?

:blackrose: Uh, no. But I do know the meme guy! I always see him on commercials saying "… made out of gleaming bronze…" and I'm always like "HEY LOOK IT'S THE MEME GUY! XDDD" *then proceeds to copy his expression and say random words that come to mind*

6. What food do you usually crave when you're down?

:blackrose: Depends really, but usually it's something cold and sweet. Like fruit shake or something to drink. Chocolate is good too~

7. What kind of ritual/s do you do when you're happy?

:blackrose: Draw… draw… browse the net… read fanfics… write fanfics… read fanfics… browse the net… procrastinate…
   (Inside my head) PARTEH!!! WOOT! WOOT!

8. What is 180 degrees in radians?

:blackrose: I don't know. But I know that if you multiply it by 0 then it would the number of f**** I give.

:blackrose: It's Pi, you idiot. *slaps Lerysakon on the head* EINSTEINS, ALL TOGETHER NOW! 3.14159265! (Night at the Museum reference XD) ---- actually, I'm not quite sure... lol...

9. Are you wondering why there is a Trigonometry question in number 8?

:blackrose: You wanted to trick us into doing your homework? Uhm… It's a trick question? Uhhh… oh I know! You wanted to know how many f**** I give! ... wait, I'm gonna have to multiply it by 0 though. Dangit!

10. So far, how is your stay in deviantART?

:blackrose: *says this answer in a poor imitation of a British accent and strokes moustache* It has been SPLENDID, mate! I've met jolly good chaps around here. There are those that are quite barmy, if I do say so myself. But, all in all, good place, good place. Well, tally ho!

I hope these are enough, Panyang! :glomp:
  • Mood: Lazy

Journal History


[VIXX] Hongbin: Performance by lerysakon
[VIXX] Hongbin: Performance
:blackrose: ON TUMBLR :blackrose:

This was actually just supposed to be a practice thing but I kind of got carried away~

This was because I saw a picture of one of their Gayo perfs where Hongbin had this intense gaze and stuff so I wanted to draw it XD

Sketched on Autodesk and then colored in Paint Tool SAI

Art is Mine

Subject is not :)))

Also I have a LeoBin art is anyone interested in me posting it XDD
[VIXX] Hongbin: ERROR Let me Free by lerysakon
[VIXX] Hongbin: ERROR Let me Free
:blackrose:ON TUMBLR:blackrose:

"Let me Free..."

I was just experimenting around with coloring for this actually because I wanted to try some things :)) And because I don't draw backs often so I had to practice. This was totally not an excuse to draw Hongbin's beautifully sculpted back. No it isn't. What are you talking about?


Sketched on paper, Colored on Paint Tool SAI

Art is mine
Subject isn't :))))

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